The Strangers: Prey at Night


2018 (UK), Thriller/Horror, 1h 40m

Starring: Bailee Madison, Christina Hendricks, Lewis Pullman & Martin Henderson

Mike and his wife Cindy take their son and daughter on a road trip that becomes their worst nightmare. The family members soon find themselves in a desperate fight for survival when they arrive at a secluded mobile home park that’s mysteriously deserted — until three masked psychopaths show up to satisfy their thirst for blood.

Urgh, I waited 11 years for this movie! The Strangers is one of if not my favourite slasher movies of all time, and with this half-arsed sequel all we got was would-be killers chasing around would-be victims with sharp things.

There’s no real terror or dread in it unlike the terrifying original.

It’s aggravatingly typical, with baffling lapses in logic, some of the dumbest characters I’ve ever seen, and annoyingly, all-powerful killers.

Roberts has opted to ignore everything what made the 2007 Strangers superb by keeping it simple and stupid, and swapping recognisable human behaviour for set pieces that look good, but make no rational sense!


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