Breaking In


2018 (UK), Drama/Thriller, 1h 28m

Starring: Gabrielle Union, Ajiona Alexus, Richard Cabral, Billy Burke & Levi Meaden

Shaun Russell takes her son and daughter on a weekend getaway to her late father’s secluded, high-tech vacation home in the countryside, but the family soon gets an unwelcome surprise when four men break into the house to find hidden money. After managing to escape, Shaun must now figure out a way to turn the tables on the desperate thieves and save her captive children.

Union is committed and convincing as a desperate mother, and Burke’s calm simmer is fun, but the script apparently never met a cliche it didn’t want to adopt. This offers some thrills and considerable pace, but never enough narrative force.

It’s plot is kinda paint-by-numbers, but entertaining regardless.

I think the real problem was that in recent years there have been too many good (or at least, better) home invasion movies than Breaking In – and I found myself comparing it to them, which wasn’t a good thing.


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