The Happytime Murders


2018 (UK), Crime/Comedy, 1h 31m

Starring: Melissa McCarthy, Phil Phillips, Brian Henson, Elizabeth Banks, Maya Rudolph & Joel McHale

Detective Phil Philips is a down-on-his-luck puppet who used to work for the Los Angeles Police Department. When two puppets from an old TV show wind up dead, Phil suspects something is afoot and rejoins the LAPD as a consultant. Reunited with Connie Edwards, his former human partner, the bickering duo soon find themselves in a race against time to protect other former cast members before the killer strikes again.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit meets The Feebles, in this hysterical adult comedy that lives up to the promise of its premise.

With a decent mystery, and likeable cast, this film ends up being a vulgar, shocking, entertaining naughty puppet show… in the best possible way!

McCarthy is at her best here, slinging insults and one liners back and forth with her puppet sidekick.

Speaking of puppets, I still cannot get my head around the fact that this was made by the makers of The Muppets, and is set in the same universe! It makes it a whole lot more brilliant – I wonder if Kermit and Miss Piggy have such filthy mouths, dirty minds and the ability to act out all their impulses.


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